Platu One Design
Racing Yacht • Phuket
From 80,000THB
Max Pax – 5 (racing)
Displacement (tons)  1.25
Length Overall (metre)  7.6
Beam (metre)  2
Draft (metre)  1.5

Designer:  Bruce Farr

Technical Specifications
  • Hull: GRP
  • Engine: Yamaha 8 hp
    outboard engine
  • Steering: Tiller
  • Water: n/a
  • Electricity DC: 12 V battery
    running instruments
Electronics & Navigations
  • Instruments: Echo sounder, log
  • Sails: Mainsail
  • Jib number 1 and 2
  • Spinnaker
  • IRC Rating: 0.96
  • Anchor: 1 anchor

Platu One Design


ABOUT ‘Platu One Design

The Platu one design yachts were designed by Bruce Farr specifically for Thailand’s winds and weather. They provide low cost fun racing compared with many other larger yachts. Six yachts will compete with each other in almost match racing conditions at Phuket Race Week and the Kings Cup and other Platus are invited join if they wear the same sails and conform to the Absolute One Design Rules.

Our One Design Fleet of Platu Keel Boats will be available to keen yacht racers for some of Thailand’s best regattas.  The fleet is well matched and really exciting to sail in winds over 10 knots. The yachts can move in 3 knots of wind whereas most other yachts are dead in the water. When the wind pipes up these boats really come into their own and can even plane on flat water. If you’re a good dinghy helm these boats will appeal to you and if your crew are good you should be on the podium.

The yachts themselves will be prepared by Thailand’s Platu Class Co-coordinator to make sure they are as closely matched as possible. By providing identical Dacron sails the cost of expensive exotic sails needed for IRC racing is gone. Platu One Design Racing makes sure you have competitive racing in your own class at a much reduced cost. Our Aim is to get more people sailing these great racing boats.


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