Racing Yacht • Phuket
Da Vinci Catamaran
From 150,000THB

The Da Vinci Catamaran is composite built and designed by Asia Catamarans, Phuket’s premier fast catamaran yacht designers.
Designed to be a fast cruising yacht she is transformed by the addition of laminate sails into a true offshore racing cat, she has the advantage of being well laid out and is very easy to crew and sail fast even with limited experience.

Racing Yacht • Phuket
Platu One Design
From 80,000THB

The Platu One Design is a concept to provide exciting, affordable racing for Cape Panwa Race Week, The King’s Cup Regatta and Top of the Gulf Regatta in 2017. One Design Racing means the same hull, equipment and sails. We have 6 boats that are very closely matched with the sails all bought at the same time from the same manufacturer and built with the same material. The thrill of racing six identical yachts adds a whole new dimension to these fast and nimble sports boats. Absolute One Design Racing in Thailand this season.
The boats need 5-6 crew (all up crew weight 400Kg) and these boats are the best value charter price per head in any regatta in Asia.

Racing Yacht • Phuket
Corsair Pulse 600
From 80,000THB

The Corsair Pulse 600 is Corsair Marines newest performance boat.
On offer are 5 of these boats for regatta racing for Kings Cup regatta, Phuket Race Week regatta, Phang Nga Bay regatta, Langkawi regatta and Koh Samui regatta.

The Corsair Pulse 600 is built with a carbon re-enforced construction with composite dagger board and rudder. High volume floats with reverse bows result in incredible speed and performance. The Corsair Pulse 600 fleet was tested in this years Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Race Week and they proved to be a match for the much bigger catamarans and also the local, bigger flying machines, the fire flies, often beating them over the water.

Racing Yacht • Phuket
Stealth 11.8 Catamaran
From 200,000THB

Java is an extremely powerful Stealth 11.8m Catamaran. Designed by Alan Carwadine and built by Asia Catamarans in Phuket, Java and her 2 sister yachts are the hottest yachts in the Multihull class for regatta racing in Asia.
The Stealth 11.8 Catamaran is built from lightweight composites with a large rig and sail area, this results in a true performance yacht, in fact since the launch of the Stealth’s in 2013 Java or her sister yacht have won every regatta they have entered. So far Java has entered 7 regatta’s and her worst placing has been 2nd !

Racing Yacht • Phuket
Mumm 30
From 180,000THB

The Mumm 30 is a real flying machine for those serious about their racing. This special yacht is newly available for Kings Cup Regatta, Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Race Week, Langkawi Regatta, Raja Muda Regatta, Neptune Regatta, Phang Nga Bay Regatta and Koh Samui Regatta.

Racing Yacht • Phuket
Beneteau First 53 F5
from 10,000USD

Our First 53 F5 has won many regatta’s in Asia, notably 2 Kings Cups and 3 Raja Muda’s, she has just come 2nd in this years Neptune Regatta in the premier cruising division.

The Beneteau 53 has an impressive 15 sail wardrobe including full Evolution carbon racing sails. Designed by Bruce Farr and styled by Pinafarina she is not only very fast but her cabin spaces are very comfortable with all modern conveniences including a/c in all 3 en-suite cabins.

Racing Yacht • Phuket
From 130,000THB

The increased demand for boats for the Kings Cup has resulted in us bringing in Farrgo Express from Australia. A Farr 1104 this 36ft race boat has won many regatta’s in her home land, easy to sail with 6 – 8 crew she benefits from an excellent handicap and could well be the ‘surprise package’ at this years Kings Cup.
She was delivered in August 2013 after having a full refit in Darwin including new rig and electronics among many other improvements.
Farrgo Express upgrades for 2015 include new North Carbon 3di main and jib and a new North spinnaker. With these sails she has just won the 2016 Raja Muda regatta.

Racing Yacht
Ph Plus Elliott 46
from 250,000THB

Ph Plus Elliott 46 has been designed for speed and ease of operation for regatta sailing. All carbon design with carbon interior gives The Elliott 46 a low weight and large sail area meaning this is a very quick yacht in light and medium winds which is normal weather for Phuket regatta’s

Racing Yacht • Phuket
From 130,000THB

Pinocchio, formerly known as Mat Salleh is another Farr 1104 that has had a major refit in June 2014. The yacht was outstanding in Phuket race Week this year winning every race in the Bare Boat IRC Cruising Division by a big margin not only on handicap but even the water against bigger boats with semi professional crews on board!

She is available for Kings Cup, Langkawi, Raja Muda and Neptune regatta’s.

The yacht is well presented with Dacron or laminate sails and modern electronics. Her IRC rating is very favourable at 0.962.
Pinocchio can be sailed by both very experienced crews and due to her simple rig can also be competitive with crews of limited experience.

Racing Yacht • Phuket
From 180,000THB

Venture is a Hanse 400E, possibly the most successful cruiser/racer currently in Phuket in the Bare Boat or cruising classes. Her impressive list of regatta podiums include; 3rd place 2010 Kings Cup 2nd place 2011 Phuket race Week 1st Place 2011 Kings Cup 2nd place 2012 Phang Nga Bay Regatta 1st place 2013 Kings Cup 2nd place 2014 Phang Nga Bay Regatta. Engineered to German standards which has resulted in not only a very fast yacht but also very reliable, she is very hard to hurt ! Be warned though you have to charter her quickly as she charters months in advance thanks to her record. She is available for Kings Cup, Phang Nga Bay, Phuket Race Week, Lagkawi, Raja Muda and the Neptune Regatta’s.
Stop Press ! Venture under her sponsors name Kata Rocks 3 has yet again won the Kings Cup 2014 with a full string of 1st places, this in a new division for her, open charter, this division is bigger boats, Venture was the smallest in class and still whipped the big boys !
And the wins keep on coming, she has just come 1st in the 2015 Phuket Race Week.

Racing Yacht • Phuket
From 130,000THB

Piccolo is probably the most famous Farr 1104, this boat was owned by Bruce Farr himself and he rates it at the best boat he ever designed.

She is a multiple Regatta winner including the Sydney Hobart Race, Kings Cup twice, Raja Muda Regatta in 2014 and Phuket Race Week. The owners bought her this year and have spared no expense bringing her back to her former glory. The hull has been completely re-faired and painted, the top sides have been totally re-furbished. The yacht boasts full ST 60 instrumentation for racing and has brand new Laminate or Dacron sails available.

Her sister yacht has entered 3 regatta’s in Phuket so far with 2 2nd’s and a 3rd to her name. Kings Cup will be Piccolo’s first outing since coming back home and we fully expect her to do at least as well if not better.

Racing Yacht • Phuket
Price upon Application

Madame butterfly is an all carbon fibre yacht optimized for racing in Phuket’s King’s Cup regatta. She has won everything in her long career – this yacht has won the IOR ¾ ton worlds under a differnt name. Her owner Peter Dyer has completely refitted her and put new rig and sails on her too. The boat is a real flyer and has currently won Kings Cup twice and come 3rd once. Her sail inventory is the best and her electronics state of the art.

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