Thai New Year Songkran

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In a months time it is the Thai New Year. if Thai’s like anything they love to party, so much so they celebrate not one but three New Years, the standard Western New Year is celebrated with style as is Chinese New Year but Thailand really goes to town for Thai New Year !

Known as Songkran it originally started as sprinkling a little water on a person and placing some paste on your face, it is a form of blessing for the year ahead. It has now evolved into the biggest water battle on earth !

Songkran chaos

Songkran chaos

No-one is exempt from this, if you go outside you are fair game, Policemen, Army, Navy, Fire Service, young or old, driving or not you will get wet. Songkran this year begins on the 13th April and the typical sight to greet you when you go out is every road lined with huge tubs of water and nose to tail traffic processions, typically a 2 kilometre drive can take an hour with the cars and trucks having battles with the people on the sidewalks.

The big boys play as well !

The big boys play as well !

If you are on a motorbike buckets of water are still hurled at you, the best practise is to crawl along and stop whenever asked to so you can receive a blessing.


The old traditions are still observed by the monks where the temples offer the original blessings, leave the temple and the chaos starts again!


Here in Phuket the festival only lasts for a day, up North around Chiang Mai it can last 2 weeks.

It is really good fun but if you want to stay dry go sailing instead, in fact go water skiing or diving, it is drier.



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