Eating out Phuket

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sailescapes_eating_out_in_phuket_featured_imageEating out Phuket


Making a trip to Phuket without trying its seafood is like not having been to Phuket at all. Phuket is famous for its plentiful fishes, crabs, squids, oysters, and especially, prawns and lobsters, which are delicious and fresh from the Andaman Sea.

Western Food

Most hotels and restaurants in Phuket serve a variety of European food. For more authentic dishes, you can try the nationality restaurants scattered along those touristy beaches and some located in the leading hotels. Phuket is rapidly becoming a mecca for fine dining with many Hotels serving gourmet food that compares favourably with Restaurants worldwide at a fraction of the price compared to Europe and Australia.

Local Food

Phuket has plenty of restaurants with various kinds of food to satisfy all tourists’ tastes. Western and Chinese foods are available in tourist hotels and along some leading beaches, while local food, which is a fine blend of Thai, Malay and Chinese, can be found everywhere.



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