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Sail in Asia Day Charters – Farr 1104 Yacht

Sail in Asia Day Charters - Farr 1104 Yacht Picollo is a lovely 37 ft yacht that can carry 8/9 people with ease. Its a little honey and sails like a dream. Piccolo is fitted with new sails and very new engine. The yacht has a large cockpit and can accommodate 6-8 people.  Piccolo's cockpit has a covered area so you can stay out of the sun and a swim ladder so you can go for a swim or snorkel while anchored in a bay (and easily get back onto the boat).  Our blue water yacht can easily sail to outlying islands and some of the most beautiful beaches and bays in Phuket. Choose this yacht to cruise the islands. We even offer evening cruises with a bottle of wine for sunset cruisers.

Cruise Ao Yon Bay and the Islands of SE Phuket

Sail in Asia’s Day Charter on the Farr 1104 is captured on this video.  Watch the video below and you will see what a superb vessel this is. She glides effortlessly through the water easily handling waves and wind.  Our classic sloop has enough room for everyone to easily enjoy the whole cockpit and the deck area. Young or old no matter all enjoy the graceful Piccolo or Pinocchio our favourite Farr yachts.

The perfect day out on the perfect boat! Cruise the islands of Phuket and enjoy a cool dip in the ocean is tranquil clear waters. Snorkelling and Picnic on the water.

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