Team building events are all about bringing people together. There can be no doubt that the most effective teambuilding events are when people are a working together to meet a common goal and having FUN! Our water based teambuilding activities are ideal. They are challenging activities which require your people to communicate well and really work together to sail or race the yachts.

Corporate sailing events are a fantastic way to get your top team working together, out on the water, harnessing the power of the wind. We can offer a range of options to create a spectacular day where everyone will learn about teamwork and coordination. A day that you and your colleagues will not forget in a hurry.  We offer you a range of activities, Learn to sail a yacht, A Yacht Cruising Rally, Our cruise the islands event and our very popular Mini Racing Regatta on our One Design Yachts. The events are delivered by professional instructors with years of experience in a low key and fun environment. 

Yachting is a safe and enjoyable activity, and of course safety is a very high priority for us. Our highly qualified and experienced staff will ensure that your day on the water is fun, instructional and safe. Our activities are well planned and professionally executed.

Corporate Sailing Rally

And, of course, what is more delightful than a tropical beach and the beautiful clear, warm waters of the Andaman Sea. We offer you a choice of  Your team will be talking about it for months after the event. If they remember the event, they'll also remember what they learned making this a really effective tool for improving team work and cooperation.